牛牛美文 励志名言 高中英语课文经典句子归纳
2021-05-20 01:54 星期四



1.I hate hiking and I'm not into classical music.

2.I surf the Internet all the time and I like playing computer games.

3.Rock music is OK, and so is skiing.

4.Chuck is a businessman who is always so busy that he has little time for his friends.

5.One day Chuck is on a flight across the Pacific Ocean when suddenly his plane crashes.

6.He realizes that he hasn’t been a very good friend because he has always been thinking about himself.

7.Chuck learns that we need friends to share happiness and sorrow, and that it is important to have someone to care about.

8.When he makes friends with Wilson, he understand that friendship is about feelings and that we must give as much as we take.

9.The lesson we can learn from Chuck and all the others who have unusual friends is that friends are teachers.

10.I found the bathroom, but I didn’t find what I was looking for.

11.Don’t forget to buy me some ketchup on your way back.

12.There are more than 42 countries where the majority of the people speak English.

13.In total, for more than 375 million people English is their mother tongue.

14.In China students learn English at school as a foreign language, except for those in Hong Kong, where many people speak English as a first or a second language.

15.In only fifty years, English has developed into the language most widely spoken and used in the world.

16.With so many people communicating in English every day ,it will become more and more important to have a good knowledge of English.

17.For a long time the language in America stayed the same, while the language in England changed.

18.In the same way Americans still use the expression “I guess “(meaning “I think”),just as the British did 300 years ago.

19.At the same time, British English and American English started borrowing words from other languages ,ending up with different words.

20.Except for these differences in spelling, written English is more or less the same in both British and American English.

21.However,most of the time people from the two countries do not have any difficulty in understanding each other.

22.Many people travel because they want to see other countries and visit places that are famous, interesting or beautiful.

23.Many of today’s travelers are looking for an unusual experience and adventure travel is becoming more and more popular.

24.Instead of spending your vacation on a bus, in a hotel or sitting on the beach, you may want to try hiking.

25.Hiking is fun and exciting, but you shouldn’t forget safety.

26.A raft is a small boat that you can use to paddle down rivers and streams.

27.If you want a normal rafting trip, choose a quiet stream or river that is wide and has few fallen trees or rocks.

28.The name “whitewater “comes from the fact that the water in these streams and rivers looks white when it moves quickly.

29.As with hiking ,you should always think about your safety and wear good clothes.

30.Jane and Betty are going on separate holidays in a few days’ time.

31.When are you off to Guangzhou?

32.My plane leaves at seven, so I think we’ll take a taxi.

33.See you when I get back.

34.The next moment the first wave swept her down, swallowing the garden.

35.Now ,the water, which was cold as ice and flowed faster than a river, was above her knees.

36.Jeff and Flora looked into each other’s face with a look of fright.

37.Flora,whose beautiful hair and dress were all cold and wet, started crying.

38.Tree after tree went down, cut down by the water, which must have been three meters deep.

39.The garden that was once so beautiful was completely destroyed, swept away by the wild water.

40.I found some photos of interesting places which were not too far away from Chengdu.

41.He told me that I could go on a two-day trip to Leshan and Emei, which wasn’t too expensive.

42.First,we went to Leshan, where we climbed all the way up the mountain to see the Buddha.

43.Looking up at the large head and down at the large feet makes you feel so small.

44.Wei Bin took photos of us standing in front of the Buddha.

45.Steven Spielberg, whose mother was a music teacher, was born in 1946 in a small town in America.

46.In 1959 Spielberg won a prize for a film which he made when he was thirteen years old.

47.The reason why he could not go there was that his grades were too low.

48.Here he worked on a short film, which won him a job as the youngest film director in the world.

49.This was the moment when Spieberg’s career really took off.

50.It is about a big white shark that attacks swimmers who are spending their holidays in a small village by the sea.

51.Many people who saw the film were afraid to swim in the sea when they remembered the scenes in which people were eaten by the shark.

52.Spielberg has made two films about creatures that come to the earth from outer space.

53.For example , ET(1982) is about a young boy called Elliott who makes friends with a small creature from outer space and helps him to find a way to go home.

54.Jurassic Park, which Spielberg made in 1993,is about a park where a very rich man keeps different kinds of dinosaurs.

55.In his war films, he has shown that love and peace will win over war in the end.

56.Steven Spielberg is one of the top directors in the film industry and also has many fans in China.

57.When asked about the secret of his success, Steven Spielberg said that he owes much of his success and happiness to his wife and children.

58.He met Cate Capshaw, who is an actress, when he was working on one of his films.

59.After that it still took seven years before they finally got married.

60.Mr Gao, the only teacher of the Shuiquan Primary School, has to stay away for a month to take care of his sick mother.

61.The most important thing for young Minzhi is not to lose any more pupils from the school—NOT ONE LESS—before Mr. Gao returns!

62.She tries to keep the students in the classroom by locking them up in the classroom and running after those who escape.

63.Minzhi wants to go to town, but she can’t afford to buy a bus ticket.

64.She wants them to let her appear live on the air, hoping that Huike will see her.

65.Many people like this not just because the story itself is moving, but also because most of the people in the film use their real names and play themselves.

66.I guess it wasn’t really your fault, was it?

67.People who go to a formal Western dinner party for the first time may be surprised by table manners in Western culture.

68.Having good table manners means knowing ,for example, how to use knives and forks, when to drink a toast and how to behave at the table.

69.The knife and fork that are closest to your plate are a little bit bigger than the ones beside them.

70.In China, you sometimes get a hot, damp cloth to clean your face and hands, which ,however, is not the custom in Western countries.



1.This is the first time that I have ever tasted this kind of food. (It is the first time that…)

2.Only in this way can you learn English well. (Only in this way can/will/…sb. do sth.倒装)

3.There is not much point in working on my PhD. (There is no point in doing…)

4.In this book, Hawking explains both what it means to be a scientist and how science works.

5.People who listen to Hawking’s lectures sometimes find it difficult to understand him.


6.Reading is to the mind what food is to the body. (A is to B what C is to D)

7.She thought I was talking about her daughter while I was talking about my daughter. (…while…)

8.These coins are of different sizes and shapes. (be of + n.)

9.No matter how well translated, something of the spirit of the original work is lost. (No matter…)

10. When he woke up , he found himself lost in the forest. (find oneself…)

11. Seen from the top, it looks as if the stadium is covered by a gray net of steel, and it looks just like a bird’s nest made of tree branches.

12.The great moment for European literature to come to China is between 1910 and late 1930s when famous writers such as Lu Xun and Guo Moruo translated both poetry and novels into Chinese.


13.It is only a matter of time before the police get/catch the thief. (It is a matter of …)

14.It was not until twelve o’clock that I went to bed last night. (It is not until … that …)

15.Can you tell me what your school is like? (What something is like …)

16.The news that our team has won the game is true. (同位语that+从句)

17. I love singing, while my brother likes playing computer games. (…while…)

18. Between Britain and Ireland, in the Irish Sea, lies the small Isle of Man.

19.The Internet also makes it easier for companies to keep in touch with customers and companies in other countries. (make/find/think/consider/feel it adj. for sb. to do sth.)


20.Should they have patience, they could do the work well.

21.It’s high time that they got down to doing the homework.

22. If you had followed my advice just now, you would be better now. (主从时间不一致)

23.If we were to panic, we would not be able to help.


A. She treats the boy as if he were her own son.

B. He talks as if he had been to the moon.

C. He talks as if he would go to the moon.


25.She is content with what the representatives from the world summarized at the Earth Summit. (be content with)

26.The United Nations held a meeting that society should be in harmony with nature. (in harmony with)

27.Upon/On arrival, the specialist advised the AIDS patient to calm down. (upon/on n./doing sth.;advise sb. to do sth.)

28.The specialist advised the AIDS patient to calm down immediately he arrived. (immediately/directly = as soon as 后接从句)

29.Hardly/No sooner had the specialist arrived when/than he advised the AIDS patient to calm down. (Hardly/No sooner had sb. done sth. when/than sb. did sth.)

30.Had I known that air conditioners cause so much pollution, I would never have bought one.

31.And poverty is less of a problem and people are better educated, there is a good chance that we will see less violence and fewer wars. (There is a chance that…; Chances are that…)


32.Her brilliant parents have had a great effect on her, so she has made many breakthroughs in the field of science.

33. It is believed that practice makes perfect.

34.Not all people can aim their guns at the targets. = All people can not aim their guns at the targets.

35.It is this fiction that reminds me of my childhood.

36. Whatever(No matter how) happens, we must keep calm.

37.In their efforts to survive, they find themselves on the surface of the monster itself, which turns out to be a submarine.

38. One of the mottos for the park—-“Relying on science, technology, and knowledge to increase economic power”—-makes it clear that science and business can and must work together to build the future.


39.Where was it that the road accident happened yesterday?

40.It will take a lot of courage to tell the truth.

41.There was a time when this village used to be very quiet.

42. Go and ask tom for whatever you need/want.

43. Even though the pure water is what gives sea water its main properties, the salinity of sea affects both its weight and freezing point.

44. What all these people have in common is that they ask to be treated with respect, share the right to work, good housing conditions and education, and be treated equally to other people, regardless of race, religion or sex.


45.There is no need for us to discuss the problem again since it has already been settled.

46.Should it rain(Were it to rain) tomorrow, we should have to put off the visit to the Great Wall.

47. I don’t mind her making fun of me.

48. While I don’t like biology, I find it interesting.

49. take this opportunity please, and I guarantee (that) you won’t regret it.

50. I guarantee to pay off my debts/that I will pay off my debts.

51. They guarantee this machine to work for four years.


52.It takes many years for the ecosystem to recover. (=It takes somebody some time to do something.)

53.Young people are often compared to the rising sun at 8 or 9 o’clock in the morning.

54.The news of their secret wedding soon got around. = The news that they got married secretly soon got around. = The news soon got around that they got married secretly.

55. Now that you like the car so much, why not drive it back?

56.People like Xiao Wen and many other disabled people in our country have taught us the importance of giving everybody a chance to receive education.

57. We do cut and paste, but we don’t use scissors or glue.


58. We may as well have a try and see if it can be done.

59.In terms of money they are quite rich, but not in terms of happiness.

60.We sometimes tend to think that the ocean bottom is made up of smooth plains.

61.It’s useless/no use to pretend/pretending that you didn’t know the truth.

62.It was four o’clock in the afternoon when he and his grandpa reached the museum in Guanghan, where an official warmly received then.

63. I’d like to know more about life as it was two hundred years ago.

64.It is possible that the King of Stonehenge was linked to the stones: he may have had a hand in planning the monument, or in helping transport and pull up the stones. (might/could)



65.The elephant is about 14 times the weight of an adult. (A is/was … times the size/length/height/depth/width…of B)

66.What do you think has happened to him?

67.During holidays, some like staying at home while others like traveling.

68.He made it a rule to get up at 6:30 every day.

69.Only in this way can you solve the problem. Only then did I realize that I was wrong.

70.Impressive as the record is, it fades away next to the story of Armstrong’s struggle against diseases.

71. They had no idea what they were up against.

72.The X Games are like the Olympic Games for sports that are less familiar to us than sports like football and basketball.


73. He was more mad than excited.

74. We did what/all we could to help her.

75.The reason why we were late was that our car didn’t come.

76.Every/Each time I came to the city I always called on Mr. Smith.

77. The more I get to know him, the better I like him.

78. What kind of words do you think you would need to talk about advertising advertisements?

79.Lying around them were chains, guns, tools, bedding, clothing and many other articles.


80. Not only do they speak the same language (but) they also share a number of social customs.

81.I knew the news long before you told me.

82.Those who are diagnosed with lung cancer, as is the case with Wang Mingxiang, need operating on immediately.

83.He sat there as if he were reading a novel.

84. It wasn’t until he came here that I knew the truth.

85.To make matters/things worse, Wang also had a son in college who had taken a bank loan to pay for his studies. (even worse, worse still)

86.They can’t afford to consult a doctor or purchase medicines from a chemist when they got sick, nor can they make sure that their children keep a healthy diet.


87.We have no choice but to wait here.

88.The further we walked into the forest, the more excited we became.

89. We went without breakfast.

90. It will be long before your father comes back from the USA.

91.The instant/moment I did it I knew I had made a mistake. (minute, second)

92.After designing more experiments, they were able to clarify the procedure by which bees communicate information that they use to find and fetch food.

93.They use the same senses as we do and their feet and hands are similar to ours, except that Chimpanzees still have opposable toes and grasp things with their feet.






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